BMW Urgent Warning: Older Models with Exploding Airbags Must Not Be Driven, Putting Lives at Risk

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Due to malfunctioning airbags that could rupture in an accident, BMW has issued a “Do Not Drive” warning for almost 90,000 older vehicles in the US. Model years 2000 to 2006 are included in the impacted vehicles, which had already been recalled owing to known problems with airbag inflators made by Takata. Due to the failure to bring the affected vehicles in for repairs, BMW made the decision to escalate earlier recall letters to a “Do Not Drive” order. The impacted cars are the 2000–2004 X5s (E53), BMW 3 Series (E46), which includes the M3, and 5 Series (E39), which includes the M5.

In a collision, Takata’s airbag inflators inflate the airbags using flammable ammonium nitrate. The substance can deteriorate over time when exposed to heat and humidity, blowing apart a metal canister and projecting shrapnel that might harm or kill drivers and passengers. At least 33 individuals have died as a result of Takata airbag explosions since 2009, including 24 Americans. The majority of the fatalities and 400 or so injuries occurred in the US, although they also occured in Australia and Malaysia.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggests that impacted BMW owners park their vehicles right away and get in touch with BMW for more information. Owners of impacted vehicles should not believe their vehicles are safe to drive if they have not had them inspected and repaired. BMW stressed the availability of replacement components and the fact that all repairs would be free of charge. Anywhere the car is, remote technicians can be dispatched, and repairs can be made right away, usually in less than an hour. When remote repair is not an option for a customer’s vehicle, BMW will pick up the vehicle free of charge from the customer’s home or place of business, repair it, and then deliver it back to the customer.

BMW advises clients to take this caution carefully

BMW NA Vice President of Aftersales Claus Eberhart urged customers to heed the warning. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for our clients to take this warning seriously, he said. We are taking yet another step to remove these airbags from our vehicles because we are aware that they will only increase riskier with time. Customers need to park these cars right away and take a moment to make sure it’s safe for them and their family to drive. Eberhart stated that fixing these automobiles is absolutely free, quick, and easy to organize.

Finally, due to a rising risk that the airbags could rupture, BMW is advising the owners of about 90,000 older vehicles in the United States not to drive them. The business highlighted that the repairs would be free of charge and advised clients to take the warning seriously. The removal of these hazardous parts from BMW’s vehicles has continued, and the affected vehicles should be parked right away until they can be inspected and fixed.

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