Google Accelerator Program Targets Climate Startups in AI, EV Infrastructure, and Decarbonization Data

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Google’s Accelerator Program Supports Climate Startups in AI, EV Infrastructure, and Decarbonization Data

Google’s annual Demo Day for startups focused on climate change marked the culmination of a 10-week program aimed at supporting innovative climate solutions. The 12 participating companies were divided into three key categories: Artificial Intelligence (AI), electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, and decarbonization data. Each startup showcased their progress and potential to leverage Google’s technology and expertise for a more sustainable future.

Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing Climate Adaptation and Decarbonization

Within the AI category, startups like Agrology and Cambio demonstrated how machine learning can combat climate change. Agrology helps farmers adapt to climate change by providing data on smoke, drought, and microclimate weather forecasts, enabling them to optimize irrigation and achieve carbon sequestration. Cambio employs AI to decarbonize large commercial buildings, offering companies data-driven insights to develop sustainable strategies.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: Driving the Transition to Clean Mobility

Recognizing the rising demand for electric vehicles (EVs), Google’s accelerator program included startups dedicated to improving EV infrastructure. Batt Genie developed software to enhance the efficiency of lithium-ion batteries used in EVs, prolonging their lifespan and contributing to sustainable transportation. ElectricFish Energy introduced an energy storage system that charges EVs quickly and stores clean power from the grid. Voltpost transformed lampposts into EV chargers, expanding charging accessibility in cities.

Decarbonization Data and Reporting: Empowering Companies to Reduce Emissions

Startups in this category focused on helping companies track and reduce their carbon emissions. Cleartrace addressed the challenge of reliable emissions data by providing auditable information, particularly for Scope 3 emissions related to supply chains. Finch offered sustainability scores on products through a browser extension, enabling consumers to make climate-conscious shopping decisions. By gathering consumer behavior data, Finch bridged the gap between stated intentions and actual actions, empowering businesses to understand and meet sustainability demands.

A Commitment to Climate Solutions and Innovation

Google’s dedication to climate tech extends beyond its support for startups. The company views these accelerator programs as opportunities to foster innovation, build partnerships, and enhance its own product offerings. By engaging with early-stage companies, Google gains a competitive edge in areas like AI, EV infrastructure, and decarbonization data. Furthermore, these initiatives contribute to Google’s broader mission of addressing climate change and creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Source: ©Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images ; CNBC
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