Barack Obama’s New Netflix Docuseries: Explores the Meaning of Good Work

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The new Netflix documentary series “Working: What We Do All Day” by former President Barack Obama examines the significance of work and how it connects people on a human level. Obama narrates a four-part series in which he asks ordinary people from a variety of industries what makes for a successful job. Inspiring the series is Studs Terkel’s “Working” (1974), which won the Pulitzer Prize.

Understanding Work’s Significance

Obama poses this question in the trailer for “Working: What We Do All Day”: “What makes a good job… good?” The series seeks to investigate how people find meaning in their work, how their experiences and struggles connect them on a human level, and how this can influence their sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Speaking with Common Folk

In the series, Obama speaks with workers from a variety of industries and asks them about their jobs and the difficulties they confront. The goal of the former president is to acquire an understanding of how various types of work impact people’s lives and how these experiences can shape their sense of self-worth and satisfaction.

Manufactured by Higher Ground

“Working: What We Do All Day” is co-produced by Concordia Studio and Higher Ground, the production company founded by Barack and Michelle Obama in 2018. The Obamas have already released over ten film and television titles, including the Academy Award-winning documentary “American Factory.”

“Working: What We Do All Day” is directed by Caroline Suh and premieres on Netflix on May 17. The series is intended to foster comprehension and appreciation for the work that people perform, and to help individuals comprehend the impact their work has on their own and others’ lives. By examining what makes a successful job, the series aims to strengthen the trust between individuals that makes all aspects of life possible.

Source: ©Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Netflix ; CNN

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