Ukraine’s Spy Agency Targets Russian Railway in Siberia

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Second Sabotage Attack This Week

Ukraine’s domestic spy agency, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), has reportedly executed another sabotage attack on a Russian railway in Siberia. This marks the second assault this week on military supply routes in the region, highlighting Kyiv’s preparedness and capability to conduct deep inside Russia, disrupting logistics far from the front lines of Moscow’s ongoing 21-month-old war in Ukraine.

Detonation on Chertov Bridge in Buryatia

The explosives were detonated as a freight train traversed the Chertov Bridge in Siberia’s Buryatia region, which shares borders with Mongolia and is thousands of kilometers away from Ukraine. The train had been rerouted to the backup railway line following a previous attack on a nearby tunnel, forcing the diversion of trains. Diesel fuel tanks reportedly ignited on a train using the backup route, causing six goods wagons to catch fire, according to Russian media outlet Baza. There have been no reported casualties, and the cause of the explosions remains unknown.

Ukrainian Source Confirms SBU Operations

The Ukrainian source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that both operations were carried out by the SBU. The damage assessment aligns with information from Russian Telegram channels. The Security Service of Ukraine had reportedly detonated explosives in a prior attack on a cargo train passing through the Severomuysky tunnel in Buryatia.

Uncertain Route Use for Military Supplies

Verification of the accounts and assessment of the route’s use for military supplies remain unconfirmed. Russian Railways declined to comment on the recent incident, and the regional branch of Russia’s Investigative Committee has not responded to inquiries. The targeted route at Chertov Bridge is on Russia’s Baikal-Amur Mainline, crossing Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East, anticipating the diversion of rail traffic after the first attack on the Severomuysky tunnel.

Continued Functionality of Backup Route

Despite the attacks, the backup route is reportedly functioning and being utilized by trains carrying freight. The broader context emphasizes the strategic significance of Russia’s Trans-Siberian Railway, which remains vital for the country’s freight transport. The situation underscores the ongoing tension between Ukraine and Russia, with each incident reflecting a potential escalation in shadow warfare tactics.

SOURCE: Ref Image from St George & Sutherland Shire

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