Erik ten Hag Defends Onana, Citing Impressive Premier League Stats

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Underlining Statistics Despite Champions League Struggles

Manchester United’s goalkeeper Andre Onana has faced criticism for high-profile errors in the Champions League, placing the team on the verge of a group stage exit. Despite these setbacks, manager Erik ten Hag passionately defended Onana, highlighting his remarkable stats that position him among the Premier League’s best goalkeepers.

Champions League Woes

Onana’s recent errors, notably contributing to a 3-3 draw against Galatasaray, have raised concerns about Manchester United’s performance in the Champions League. However, Ten Hag urged a closer look at Onana’s overall contribution, emphasizing that the goalkeeper has allowed only 16 goals in 13 Premier League matches.

Statistical Brilliance in the Premier League

Contrary to Champions League struggles, Onana’s Premier League performance showcases impressive statistics. According to Ten Hag, the Cameroonian goalkeeper ranks second in the English top flight for saves made, save percentage, and goals prevented. Despite occasional mistakes in the Champions League, Ten Hag affirmed Onana’s commendable performance over the first five months of his United career.

Onana’s Resilience and Character

Facing criticism and challenges, Onana’s resilience and character were praised by Ten Hag. The manager highlighted Onana’s strong reaction after a subpar performance in Munich, where he bounced back with an outstanding display against Burnley. With a firm belief in Onana’s personality and capabilities, Ten Hag dismissed any speculation about the goalkeeper’s position in the team being under threat.

United’s Premier League Revival and Upcoming Challenge

As Manchester United climbs the Premier League table with a recent run of victories, they face a tough test against Newcastle. While acknowledging the team’s improvement, Ten Hag emphasized the need for players to elevate their performance against stronger opponents. Recognizing Newcastle’s organized style of play, Ten Hag views the upcoming match as a challenging yet rewarding opportunity for Manchester United to showcase their best.

In summary, Erik ten Hag’s robust defense of Andre Onana underscores the goalkeeper’s statistical prowess in the Premier League, offering a comprehensive perspective beyond the challenges faced in the Champions League.

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