Uber’s 2023 Lost and Found Report: From Dentures to Weed and Lightsabers

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Uber has released its annual list of passenger-forgotten items, which includes a slushie machine, marijuana, fingernails, and even an ankle monitor. The Uber’s Lost & Found Index for 2023 was released on April 27 based on passenger reports of missing items. On the Uber’s list of the 50 most unique items lost are a Danny DeVito ornament, a fire sword, a remote-controlled vibrator, chicken wings, six cheesecakes, painted rat traps, a vital pregnancy test, dentures, a lightsaber, marijuana, and a Gucci loafer.

Three most forgettable communities in America

Jacksonville, Florida topped the list of the most oblivious cities, followed by San Antonio, Texas, and Palm Springs, California. The items that are most frequently neglected are cell phones, wallets, keys, jewellery, and headphones. According to Uber, the most prevalent time to report lost items is at 11 p.m. The seventh annual report reminds passengers how to retrieve their lost objects through the Uber app.

How to recover misplaced objects

Within the Uber app, riders can submit lost items and contact drivers in order to retrieve them. The cost of $15 accounts for the driver’s time and effort. Uber is always willing to assist passengers in recovering lost objects. It is up to the individual passenger to determine if missing items such as fingernails or chicken wings are worth the cost.

The 2023 Uber Lost and Found Report advises riders to retrieve their possessions before exiting the vehicle. The report also emphasises the significance of using the Uber app’s lost-and-found feature. Uber advises its passengers to be cautious with their possessions and to keep in mind the most frequently forgotten items. Riders can swiftly retrieve their lost items using the app’s Lost and Found feature, making the process more convenient and less stressful.

Source: ©Lokman Vural Elibol / Anadolu Agency ; CNN
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