Spanish PM Apologizes to Sexual Abuse Victims Over Loophole in Consent Law

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The Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, has apologized to victims of sexual abuse for the breach in the “yes means yes” law that resulted in the early release of approximately 100 criminals. The law was enacted last year to strengthen the prosecution of rape cases by classifying nonconsensual sexual contact as rape instead of requiring evidence of violence or intimidation. However, the law has allowed some offenders convicted prior to its implementation to pursue reduced sentences or early release.

Concerns for the victims’ protection

The legal lacuna has caused sexual abuse victims to fear for their safety if their perpetrators are released from prison early. A journalist specializing in feminist issues, Ana Bernal, has warned that the “yes means yes” law has created a legal loophole that could allow individuals who have abused others to be released before serving their complete sentence. This has increased dread among victims, who are concerned about what may occur.

Reductions in sentences and early discharges

According to the General Council of the Judiciary, 978 individuals have had their sentences reduced and 104 prisoners have been released early since the law was enacted in October 2022. This is because the law with a lower minimum sentence merged the crimes of sexual abuse and aggression, allowing some perpetrators convicted prior to the law’s implementation to effectively pursue reduced sentences or early release.

Apology to victims

Sanchez has apologized to the victims of sexual abuse and accepted responsibility for the unintended consequences of the “yes means yes” law. In an interview with the newspaper El Correo, he stated, “If we have to apologize to the victims, then I apologize to the victims.” He also acknowledged that certain releases or evaluations are not definitive and are subject to appeal. He committed to resolving the unintended effect of the law to assure the safety and security of sexual abuse victims.

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