Shell’s Legal Action against Greenpeace’s Activism

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Shell’s Lawsuit and Intimidation Tactics Shell has taken legal action against environmental group Greenpeace, filing a claim in London’s High Court and demanding that the organization cease all protests at its infrastructure globally or face a potential €8 million damages claim and an injunction. Greenpeace regards this as one of the most substantial legal threats in its history, aiming to suppress opposition to Shell’s escalated investment in fossil fuels.

Shell’s Response and Greenpeace’s Activism at Sea

In response to the incident, Shell emphasized the unlawful and hazardous nature of boarding a moving vessel at sea, considering it a direct violation of safety and legal protocols. Greenpeace activists boarded Shell’s oil platform during its transit from the Canary Islands to Norway, staging a 13-day protest against Shell’s oil drilling and its environmental impact.

Stalled Negotiations and Demands for Accountability

While negotiations between Shell and Greenpeace initially took place, talks ended without resolution in early November. Shell has proposed reducing the damage claim to €1.3 million if Greenpeace commits to refraining from protesting at Shell’s oil and gas infrastructure. Greenpeace, however, stipulates compliance with a 2021 Dutch court order mandating a 45% emission reduction by 2030, a decision that Shell has contested.

Unresolved Claims and Pending Legal Action

In addition to Shell’s claim, a separate demand for additional damages of approximately €6 million by one of Shell’s contractors, Fluor, remains unresolved. The environmental group is strategizing on how to halt the case’s progression, considering the severe implications of the ongoing legal battle for its global campaigning efforts.

Personal Testimony and Persistent Advocacy

Yeb Saño, Executive Director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia and a participant in the protest, shared his personal experience of witnessing the devastating consequences of Shell’s actions. Reflecting on the impact of Super Typhoon Haiyan and the destruction it caused, Saño emphasized his commitment to demanding accountability from Shell and advocating for climate justice, emphasizing that his advocacy will persist as long as Shell continues its pursuit of fossil fuel extraction.

SOURCE: Ref Image from The Maritime Executive

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