Saudi Border Guards Accused of Mass Killings of Migrants Along Yemeni Border, Human Rights Watch Report Says

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A recent report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) alleges that Saudi border guards have been involved in the mass killing of migrants along the Yemeni border. The report, titled “They Fired On Us Like Rain,” contains detailed testimony from migrants claiming that they were targeted and fired upon by Saudi police and soldiers along Yemen’s rugged northern border with Saudi Arabia. These migrants, often Ethiopians attempting to reach Saudi Arabia, recounted experiences of being shot at and attacked with explosive weapons. Many suffered serious injuries, including limbs being severed by gunfire, while others witnessed bodies left on the trails.

According to the report, the migrants faced violent encounters during their attempts to cross the border in search of work in Saudi Arabia. Survivors told harrowing stories of large groups of Ethiopians, including women and children, coming under fire during nighttime border crossings.

This alarming report follows the introduction of a new anti-gay legislation that has already drawn international outrage. Critics claim that this legislation, known for its severity, contradicts universal human rights and encourages further persecution of LGBTQ+ individuals.

The Saudi government has previously denied allegations of systematic killings and rejected the characterization of the reported killings as large-scale or systematic. However, both international entities and human rights organizations have condemned these alleged actions.

The report highlights that many of the victims were migrants from Ethiopia attempting a treacherous journey that takes them across war-torn Yemen and into Saudi Arabia. This journey exposes them to various dangers, including violence at the hands of Yemeni and Ethiopian smugglers.

HRW’s report underscores the need for increased awareness and action on the reported abuses, with the UN’s International Organization for Migration estimating that tens of thousands of people annually attempt this perilous route from the Horn of Africa to Saudi Arabia.

As allegations of mass killings continue, and the remote nature of the border crossings makes tracking survivors difficult, the true scale of the tragedy remains uncertain. HRW’s report demonstrates the need for further investigation and intervention, as the situation may potentially amount to a crime against humanity.

SOURCE: Ref Image from NBC news

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