Four Arrested in Uganda for Alleged Same-Sex Activity Following Introduction of Harsh Anti-Gay Legislation

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In the wake of contentious anti-gay legislation introduced three months ago, Ugandan police have apprehended four individuals for reportedly engaging in same-sex activities. This move comes amid widespread international criticism of the draconian law, known as one of the most stringent of its kind globally. The law includes provisions that could make “aggravated homosexuality” a potential capital crime, with consensual same-sex relations carrying penalties of up to life imprisonment.

On Saturday, authorities conducted a police operation based on information provided by a female informant regarding alleged acts of homosexuality occurring at a massage parlor in the Buikwe district. According to Hellen Butoto, a police spokeswoman, the operation led to the arrest of four individuals, including two women.

The newly enacted legislation, signed into law in May, has evoked strong condemnation from global entities such as the United Nations, foreign governments, and human rights organizations. Notably, the World Bank suspended new loans to Uganda this month, asserting that the law’s values are fundamentally at odds with the principles upheld by the institution based in the United States.

U.S. President Joe Biden voiced his criticism of the measures earlier this year, calling for their immediate repeal and labeling them a “tragic violation of universal human rights.” He also indicated the possibility of reducing aid and investment in Uganda as a response.

Despite international opposition, the Ugandan government remains steadfast in its stance. The conservative, predominantly Christian country has seen significant support for the legislation, with lawmakers defending it as a necessary defense against perceived Western immorality.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has accused the World Bank of attempting to use financial pressure to influence the government’s decision to uphold the controversial legislation.

SOURCE: Ref Image from The Guardian Nigeria

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