Rebel Group Demands Security Guarantees for Release of Luis Diaz’s Father.

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The rebel group known as the National Liberation Army (ELN) has demanded “security guarantees” before releasing Luis Diaz’s father, who they are currently holding hostage. According to Colombian media, the ELN stated that the ongoing military and police search for the hostage “will delay the release and increase the risks”. Luis Manuel Diaz and his wife were kidnapped at gunpoint in Barrancas, Colombia on October 28th. Diaz, a player for Liverpool, has pleaded with the kidnappers to free his father immediately and put an end to the “painful wait”.

Kidnapping Incident and Plea for Release

During the kidnapping, Diaz’s mother was abandoned in a car as the police closed in, but his father was taken hostage. Diaz, who recently made a comeback in a match against Luton Town, scored a stoppage-time goal to secure a point for Liverpool. This was his first match since his parents were kidnapped. Diaz expressed his frustration and called for the immediate release of his father, stating that the situation has caused immense pain for his family.

ELN’s Intention to Release Diaz’s Father

The ELN has reiterated its intention to release Diaz’s father “as soon as possible”. However, the group, in a statement signed by commander Jose Manuel Martinez Quiroz, claimed that the extensive search operation conducted by Colombian authorities is causing delays. The ELN expressed concerns about the militarization of the area, including flyovers, troop disembarkation, and the broadcasting of rewards, which they believe is hindering the safe execution of the release plan.

Delays and Risks Caused by Ongoing Operations

The ELN emphasized that if the operations continue in the area, it will further delay the release and increase the risks involved. The group acknowledged the anguish of the Diaz Marulanda family and assured them that they will keep their word to release Mr. Luis Manuel Diaz unilaterally. However, they require security guarantees to ensure the safe execution of the liberation operation.

Background on the Kidnapping

Incident Both of Diaz’s parents were abducted at gunpoint by left-wing guerrillas of the ELN in Barrancas, Diaz’s hometown in the northern province of La Guajira. While his mother was found later that day, his father remains missing. The Colombian government has deployed hundreds of police and soldiers in the search for Diaz’s father. Diaz, 26

SOURCE: Ref Image from The Independent

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