Disrupted Education: Delhi’s Air Pollution Woes

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Impact on Children’s Routines and Learning

Families in Delhi, including six-year-old Vanraj and his mother Pakhi Khanna, face the challenge of adjusting to altered routines and restricted outdoor activities due to the city’s alarmingly high air pollution levels. The continuous rise in the Air Quality Index (AQI) has prompted the government to enforce school closures, posing significant obstacles for children’s education and well-being.

Concerns Over Learning Disruptions

School closures and the shift to online learning have amplified concerns among parents and educators regarding the negative impact on children’s academic performance and mental well-being. Limited access to technological resources, as experienced by families with fewer resources, further compounds the difficulties, exacerbating the struggle for children like Abhishek and Prasanna, whose mother, Deepa, works as a domestic help.

Psychological Impact and Adjustments for Families

The repercussions of prolonged indoor activities extend beyond academic challenges, manifesting as restlessness and irritability, as experienced by three-year-old Mira, daughter of Anant Mehra and his wife. Balancing work schedules around nursery hours and coping with the frustrations of prolonged screen time pose significant challenges for the family. Amidst these disruptions, the responsibility falls on parents like Ms. Khanna and guardians like Shreya Nidhi to navigate the delicate balance between ensuring safety and shielding children from anxiety-inducing information.

Strain on Educators and Educational System

The abrupt shift to online classes has created additional pressure for educators, necessitating the adaptation of teaching methods and syllabi to suit virtual learning. With the inevitable challenges of re-teaching concepts once physical classes resume, the sudden transition has heightened the burden on teachers like the anonymous English and environmental studies instructor.

Persistent Issues and Calls for Action

Despite recurring disruptions, concerns remain unaddressed, leading to frustration and disappointment among the community. Shreya Nidhi’s determination to prioritize her brother Umang’s health over academic performance reflects the growing discontent with the government’s handling of the air pollution crisis. As families and educators grapple with the repercussions, urgent action to combat pollution remains the need of the hour, resonating across the community’s calls for a sustainable resolution.

SOURCE: Ref Image from India TV News

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