Politicians and Citizens Unite in Protest Against Proposed EV Battery Plant with Ties to Chinese Communist Party in Michigan

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Hundreds of people, including politicians, congregated at a rally in Mecosta County to express their opposition to the proposed electric vehicle (EV) battery plant in Green Charter Township. Gotion, Inc. is being criticized for its affiliations to the Chinese Communist Party after its Articles Association was discovered on the company’s website. Kristina Karamo, chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, urged for the project’s rejection, stating that any claim that the company is not controlled by the Chinese Communist Party is a lie.

Legislators Express Concerns Regarding the Project

At the rally, Republican legislators, including State Senator Lana Theis and Congressman John Moolenaar, voiced their concerns and criticized the Senate Appropriations Committee for sanctioning $175 million in taxpayer funds for the project. Congressman Moolenaar believes that Michigan’s reliance on China for its economic development strategy is a mistake, particularly in light of the fact that other businesses and economies are leaving the country. In addition to concerns regarding the company’s affiliations to the Chinese Communist Party, rally speakers also raised environmental concerns.

The Governor defends the Project.

On Friday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer visited Cadillac and defended the proposed EV battery plant by stating that it is safer to build the plant in Mecosta County than to import materials from a foreign government. She dismissed assertions regarding the project’s potential dangers as political misinformation. However, Senator Theis disagreed and argued that the Appropriations Committee had superior options available.

The Project’s Prospects

Although the rally and the criticism from legislators have placed pressure on the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to reject the project, it is not yet a done deal. The MEDC could still decide not to grant Gotion, Inc. funding for the proposed EV battery facility. As the discussion continues, it is uncertain whether the initiative will proceed.

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