Netflix Plans Crackdown on Password Sharing

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Netflix has announced the addition of 1.75 million new subscribers from January to March 2023, resulting in a 4% increase in revenue compared to the previous year. Nonetheless, the operating income has decreased as a result of ongoing expense management and content expenditures.

Restrictions on the Paid Sharing feature

Netflix also announced that its Paid Sharing feature, a restriction on password sharing, has been a success in Canada, New Zealand, Spain, and Portugal, and will be carried out to additional markets in the second quarter. Although the company anticipates a “cancel reaction” in some instances, it remains optimistic that the majority of users will activate their own accounts or utilize the “extra member” option.

Mixed outlook for this financial year

Despite the increase in subscribers, the company anticipates a neutral or minor decline in operating profit and revenue for the remainder of the fiscal year as a result of currency volatility and the delayed implementation of paid sharing in more markets.

Successful manufacturing and price reductions

Netflix proudly listed its most successful productions, which included Outer Banks S3, You S4, Ginny & Georgia S2, and new features and series like All Quiet on the Western Front and Too Hot To Handle Germany. Additionally, the company lowered prices in India in December 2021, resulting in increased engagement, and subsequently adjusted prices in its other 116 markets in the first quarter. Even though it resulted in a 5% decline in revenues for FY ’22, the company believes it will contribute to increased adoption in the long run.

Increasing new advertising approach

After a successful launch in the U.S., the company is expanding its new advertising strategy to Canada and Spain. With an increase in subscribers and revenue, Netflix’s financial results have been positive overall. The company anticipates that its assault on password sharing will continue, but it remains confident that the vast majority of users will not terminate their accounts. While it anticipates a muddled financial outlook for the remainder of the year, Netflix continues to expand its global services and productions.

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