Moderna and IBM Team Up to Revolutionize mRNA Technology with AI and Quantum Computing

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Moderna, the company behind the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine, has partnered with IBM to advance its mRNA technology using generative artificial intelligence and quantum computation. The agreement grants Moderna access to IBM’s quantum computing systems and generative AI model, thereby accelerating the discovery and development of novel messenger RNA vaccines and therapies.

Availability of Quantum Computing

Quantum computing, which stores information as quantum mechanics rather than as ones and zeros, can aid in the resolution of problems that are too complicated for conventional computers. IBM will provide Moderna with experts who can aid in the investigation of quantum technologies, the companies said. Moderna scientists will also have access to IBM’s generative AI model known as MoLFormer, which they will use to develop a new category of vaccines and therapies.

Getting Ready for the Age of Quantum Computing

Moderna’s CEO, Stephane Bancel, stated, “We are excited to partner with IBM to develop novel AI models to advance mRNA science, to prepare ourselves for the era of quantum computing, and to ready our business for these game-changing technologies.” The agreement comes at a time when Moderna is navigating a post-pandemic growth spurred by its mRNA Covid vaccine. As demand for Covid-19 vaccines and treatments declines, the Cambridge-based company is attempting to apply its technology to other illnesses.

IBM’s recent AI growth

This partnership comes at a time when IBM is increasing its investment in AI through new partnerships. IBM and NASA announced earlier this year a partnership to develop AI foundation models to advance climate science. The recent AI boom, which was primarily driven by the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has prompted questions regarding the full scope of AI’s capabilities and risks.

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