Johnny Depp’s controversial comeback at Cannes Film Festival

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Johnny Depp’s Cannes Comeback

After a three-year absence, Johnny Depp is returning to the spotlight with his first lead role in the film “Jeanne du Barry,” which opens the Cannes Film Festival. The French-language film explores the trials of a mistress of King Louis XV of France, with Depp portraying the king and working alongside French actress Maïwenn, who directs.

Controversies Surrounding Johnny Depp

Depp’s high-profile defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, drew significant attention. Accusations of physical and verbal abuse were made by both parties, resulting in a civil jury awarding $10 million in damages to Depp and $2 million to Heard. While the trial verdict appeared to vindicate Depp in the eyes of many, Cannes organizers’ decision to showcase his film has faced criticism, with over 2,000 Twitter users using the hashtag #cannesyounot to express their discontent.

The Verdict and Setbacks

During the trial, Justice Andrew Nicol ruled against Depp’s defamation claim, stating that 12 incidents of domestic violence had occurred. The judge highlighted instances where Heard feared for her life, including a three-day hostage situation in Australia. Depp also sued Heard for defamation in the U.S., with both parties testifying and sharing graphic details of their abuse claims. Ultimately, the jury ruled that they had defamed each other, resulting in Depp being awarded $10 million in damages and Heard receiving $2 million. These legal battles led to setbacks in Depp’s career, such as being dropped from the “Fantastic Beasts” film series.

The Future of Johnny Depp’s Career

Despite the setbacks, Depp’s public image has seen some rehabilitation following his highly publicized trial. He appeared as the MTV Video Music Awards mascot and walked in Rihanna’s fashion show. Dior even signed a record-breaking $20 million fragrance deal with Depp. However, the future of his film career remains uncertain, particularly regarding the release of “Jeanne du Barry” in the U.S. Cannes has faced criticism for its alleged leniency toward men accused of misconduct. The response to Depp’s film at the festival will likely provide insights into the trajectory of his career moving forward.

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