Historic Manila Post Office Destroyed by Massive Fire.

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A massive fire engulfed the iconic Manila Central Post Office, a historic landmark in the Philippine capital. The blaze broke out late Sunday, triggering the response of more than 80 fire trucks dispatched by the Bureau of Fire Protection. The neo-classical post office, situated by the Pasig River, was consumed by flames, emitting thick, black smoke that soared hundreds of meters into the sky. It took over seven hours for firefighters to bring the inferno under control.

Postmaster General Luis Carlos revealed that the entire building, from the basement to the fifth floor, was completely destroyed. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. Firefighters from various brigades across the capital joined forces to combat the blaze, which resulted in minor injuries to one volunteer firefighter.

Originally constructed in 1926, the Manila Post Office was regarded as the grandest building in the city. It suffered destruction during World War II while US forces were reclaiming the capital from Japanese occupation. The post office was subsequently rebuilt in 1946. Postmaster General Carlos expressed the likelihood that letters, parcels, and the postal agency’s entire stamp collection housed within the building were also lost in the fire.

The devastating fire has not only caused the loss of a significant architectural and historical site but also poses a severe setback to the operations of the postal agency. Efforts to determine the cause of the fire and assess the extent of the damage will be crucial in moving forward with the necessary steps for recovery and restoration.

SOURCE: Ref – Manila AFP

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