Google Panics as Samsung Considers Bing as Default Search Engine, Threatening $3 Billion Annual Revenue

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Google is in a panic over Samsung’s contemplation of making Bing the default search engine on its devices. Google’s contract with Samsung currently generates an estimated $3 billion in annual revenue. If Samsung switches to Bing, Apple may follow suit, costing Google $20 billion annually in revenue.

Samsung’s Leading Smartphone Position Raise Concerns.

Samsung’s position as the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer has prompted Google to express concern. Samsung sold 259 million units last year, and its smartphones and devices run Google’s Android operating system. Therefore, employees were surprised that Samsung would transfer search engines after 12 years.

Google Accelerates AI Technology Development

Google is adding new AI features to its current search engine, and it also plans to develop a new AI-powered search engine that offers a more personalized experience. After more than two decades of dominance in the search industry, Google senses that its hegemony is waning. In response, it has accelerated development of its own AI technologies. Google is preoccupied with modernizing its search engine experience, but there is no timeline for the release of the new technology.

Google is Attempting to Keep Samsung’s Contract

The contract between Google and Samsung is currently under negotiation, and it is likely that Samsung will remain with Google for the time being. Google has reportedly instructed its employees to “assist in the preparation of materials for a pitch to Samsung.” A representative for Google stated that Android phone manufacturers are free to incorporate technologies from other companies.

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