France prepares for ‘historic’ May Day protests with an anticipated one million people to take part in street demonstrations.

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Unions in France are preparing for May Day protests against the government’s pension reforms. The demonstrations are expected to be “historic” and “festive,” with over one million people taking to the streets across the country. CFDT union head Laurent Berger estimated that there could be up to a million or half a million protesters, with 300 rally points planned.

Despite authorities predicting between 500,000 and 650,000 people protesting, Berger has called on as many citizens as possible to participate, even if they are on vacation. The protests come after France’s Constitutional Council approved the plan to raise the minimum retirement age from 62 to 64, which was enacted into law in April. President Emmanuel Macron’s approval ratings have hit their lowest level in four years.

The protests are likely to cause significant disruption, with air travel expected to be affected, and 25-33% of flights cancelled in the country’s largest airports. Meanwhile, demonstrations are also expected in Portugal and Greece, where the annual march will be used to draw attention to other issues, such as housing prices, the cost of living, and the recent train accident that killed 57 people.

In France, the May Day protests mark the 13th day of mobilization against the pension reforms, with the unions determined to show that they have not abandoned their fight against the government.

SOURCE: Ref-http://euronews and AFP

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