FBI warns of public charging stations danger

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The FBI warns consumers against using public phone charging stations due to the risk of malware and monitoring software infection. Recently, the Denver office of the FBI tweeted that malicious actors are using public USB stations, commonly found in shopping malls and airports, to disseminate malware. The organization provided no specific examples.

Exposure to Malware through Public Charging Stations

For several years, security experts have issued warnings about the dangers associated with public charging stations. In 2011, researchers coined the term “juice jacking” to describe the risk that arises when a compromised power strip or adapter infects a user’s device. This compromises the entire device’s data, including email, text messages, photographs, and contacts.

Utilize Your Own USB Charger and Cord

To avoid this risk, the FBI recommends that consumers carry their own charger and USB cable and instead use an electrical receptacle. The phone’s charging cable also transmits data to other devices, which could be exploited if a terminal is compromised. In a recent blog post update, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) warned that corrupted charging ports could enable a malicious actor to extract personal data and passwords or lock a device.

Stay Alert and Cautious While Traveling

Vikki Migoya, the FBI’s Denver branch’s public affairs officer, stated that this is a general reminder for the American public to remain safe and vigilant, particularly while traveling. Criminals may purposely leave infected cables plugged into charging stations, and there have been instances of infected cables being distributed as promotional items. To protect devices from malware and monitoring software, it is advisable to avoid using public charging stations and instead use a personal charger and USB cable.

Overall, it is essential to be aware of the dangers associated with public charging stations and to take the necessary precautions to safeguard your device and personal information from malicious actors.

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