Dances With Wolves’ Actor and Alleged Cult Leader Nathan Chasing Horse Faces Further Charges in Canada.

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Nathan Chasing Horse, a 46-year-old actor known for his role in the film “Dances With Wolves,” is now confronted with nine new charges in Canada, including sexual exploitation, sexual assault, and the abduction of a child under the age of 16, according to Canadian police warrants.

Investigation Spans Multiple Years, Dating Back to 2005

The Tsuut’ina Nation Police Service announced on Tuesday that the investigation into Chasing Horse’s alleged crimes has extended over several years, with one of the offenses dating back to 2005.

Currently in Custody in Las Vegas, Facing 18 Felonies

Chasing Horse has been held in custody in Las Vegas since his arrest in January, where he is facing 18 felony charges, including sexual assault of a minor, child abuse, and kidnapping.

Accusations of Leading a Cult-like Group and Exploiting Indigenous Families

The actor is accused of leading a cult-like group called “The Circle,” where court documents suggest he exploited the trust of Indigenous families and their children, even taking underage wives. He allegedly used spiritual traditions and their belief system as a means to sexually assault young girls, with his followers referring to him as “Medicine Man” or “Holy Person.”

Legal Battle and Charges in Multiple Jurisdictions

Chasing Horse’s legal team has appealed to the Supreme Court of Nevada in an attempt to dismiss the case, resulting in a temporary halt in the prosecution. They claim that his accusers willingly engaged in sexual activities with him. However, the actor is also facing criminal charges in Montana and British Columbia.

Extensive Planning and Cooperation Required for Prosecution

Prosecuting Chasing Horse across different jurisdictions has been a complex undertaking, requiring thorough planning and cooperation between law enforcement agencies, as stated by the Tsuut’ina police, who are responsible for serving the First Nation west of Calgary.

SOURCE: Ref Images from The Press Democrat

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