China Control of Generative AI: Can the West Predict Its Outcome?

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Recently, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) proposed new regulations for governing generative AI in mainland China. These proposed regulations exceed those previously established by a powerful body and stipulate that models must be accurate and true, not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or gender, and adhere to a particular worldview. In addition, they impose particular constraints on model construction.

Difficulties within Democracies

The authors of the proposal hope that requiring generative AI providers to take proactive measures will prevent discrimination, despite the fact that addressing these requirements requires solving unresolved AI issues such as bias, misperception, and alignment for which there are no robust solutions. The production of false information must be prevented, and generative AI should not infringe on intellectual property, impair mental health, or violate the likeness of any individual. It is much simpler to achieve these objectives in an autocratic state, making it difficult for democracies to keep up.

China’s Capabilities

Our persistent underestimation of China’s capabilities has been incorrect. We believed that capitalism could not exist without democracy, but China proved us wrong. We also believed that the inherent uncontrollability of the internet would have a democratizing effect on China, but the Chinese government has demonstrated that it can control the internet and even use it for state purposes if given sufficient resources.

Is Generative AI Controllable?

The ambitions of the Chinese government to become a global AI superpower are rapidly approaching a head-on collision with its censorship regime. This could significantly impede the development and deployment of large language models, putting China behind the west in the artificial intelligence race. China might not be able to control this new technology, but our past complacency suggests otherwise. Given China’s history of exceeding our expectations, we must avoid underestimating its capabilities in the future.

Source: ©Hannes P Albert/picture alliance via Getty Images ; The Guardian
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