Bluesky: Jack Dorsey’s New App That Could Rival Twitter

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Former Twitter CEO launches Bluesky, a decentralised social media app that resembles Twitter in appearance but operates differently. Bluesky runs on a decentralised network that provides users with greater control over data storage, service operation, and content moderation. Twitter supported the app until February 2022, when it became an independent entity. Bluesky is a novel microblogging-focused social network that does not support hashtags or direct messages.

Bluesky has garnered the attention of notable figures, such as legislators, celebrities, and journalists. Bluesky appeals to Twitter users who are dissatisfied with Twitter’s policies and direction under Elon Musk’s ownership, similar to Mastodon. According to, the app has been downloaded more than 375 thousand times from the Apple App Store, and sign-up requests continue to increase on the waiting list.

Bluesky operates on a decentralised network that provides users with more options, such as enhanced privacy protection, portability, and substantial content moderation, all of which are desirable characteristics for social media platforms. Competition from alternative platforms could assist users in locating the product features they desire, thereby encouraging social media platforms to enhance their features.

Bluesky is an invite-only organisation that is presently ramping up its network implementation support. Existing users receive one invite code for every two weeks they spend using the application. According to some users, the invitation-only feature has added to the appeal of joining Bluesky.

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