2024 Deepfake Election: How AI is Disrupting Democracy

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The approaching 2024 presidential election will face unprecedented challenges for democracy as a result of deepfake films, AI-generated pictures, and AI-generated audios. Generative AI techniques like DALL-E and ElevenLabs make it simple to quickly and easily produce a convincing deepfake video of a politician. AI specialists claim that although if producing high-quality deepfakes still requires expertise, it is just a matter of time until this changes. Deepfake videos may become more prevalent as technology for creating them develops because they are simpler to make and more convincing.

The simplicity of creating deepfake films is turning into a problem for the future election in 2024 because it can distort reality and make it difficult to tell what is real from what is fake. AI-generated content could destabilize the political process in an era of widespread disinformation. Anyone with a little effort could produce a deepfake, and if they spread during the election, it is simple to imagine someone like Donald Trump sharing this kind of material on social media and posing as if it were real.

Since it already exists, the question is not whether AI-generated content will be used in politics, but rather, what can be done to stop it. The thought that everything could be fraudulent has poisoned the well, making it simple to write off inconveniences as bogus. C2PA is one answer to this issue; it cryptographically signs and documents any content produced by a device, such as a phone or video camera, and it is one way to solve this issue. Due to how simple it is to produce convincing deepfake films, there could be a considerable number of deepfakes spreading during the election, which could cause voters to doubt any genuine information they come across.

In conclusion, deepfakes will significantly influence the future 2024 election due to the development of generative AI tools. Technology has the potential to alter reality and sway elections. Because deepfake videos are so simple to make, anyone can produce them, disrupting the election. As a result, C2PA might be a solution to this issue because it verifies the authenticity of content by documenting what a device actually creates. Everyone should be prepared for the prospect of deepfake films being circulated in light of the impending presidential election and aware of the potential repercussions they may have on democracy.

Source: ©BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images ; Wired
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