Zoom Updates Terms of Service to Address AI Privacy Concerns.

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Following backlash and privacy concerns, Zoom has revised its terms of service to clarify its approach to using artificial intelligence (AI) models trained on customer calls. The video-conferencing platform made changes after users expressed worry that the updated terms in March allowed for AI training without consent. A recent blog post from Zoom highlights that audio, video, and chat data will not be utilized for AI purposes without user consent.

The initial changes to the terms of service were noticed in relation to Zoom’s launch of new AI-powered features in June. These features included the ability to summarize meetings without recording the entire session. However, experts raised concerns that the original wording could have granted Zoom access to excessive user data, including content from customer calls.

Zoom’s decision to offer the AI features as a free trial and encourage customers to “opt in” was criticized by the Open Rights Group, a digital privacy advocacy organization. The group emphasized the importance of transparency in such matters and expressed concern over the lack of clarity in Zoom’s privacy policy.

Zoom has since updated its terms to explicitly state that it will not use audio, video, or chat data for AI training without user consent. Screenshots provided in the recent blog post demonstrate warning messages for users joining meetings with AI tools, allowing them to agree to the training use or opt out of the meeting.

Smita Hashim, Zoom’s Chief Product Officer, clarified that account owners and administrators can choose whether to enable AI features, and that those who opt in will be guided through a transparent consent process for AI model training using customer content.

The incident underscores the growing attention on the intersection of AI and data privacy, as companies like Zoom increasingly focus on AI-powered products. The update to Zoom’s terms aims to address concerns and provide users with clearer information about their data’s usage in AI training.

SOURCE: Ref Image from Fagen Wasanni Technologies

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