“US Reports Kim Jong Un’s Planned Visit to Putin for Discussions on Weaponry”

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Kim Jong Un’s Planned Meeting with Vladimir Putin

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un intends to travel to Russia this month for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, according to a US official. The primary topic of discussion during this meeting is expected to be North Korea’s potential provision of weapons to support Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict. While the exact location of the meeting remains undisclosed, it is anticipated that Kim will use an armored train for his travel, as per sources cited by the New York Times.

Arms Negotiations and Recent Developments

This possible meeting between Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin follows statements from the White House, revealing that arms negotiations between North Korea and Russia are actively progressing. John Kirby, a spokesperson for the National Security Council, disclosed that Russia’s defense minister visited North Korea recently with the aim of persuading Pyongyang to supply artillery ammunition to Russia. As a result of this engagement, both Putin and Kim have exchanged letters affirming their commitment to strengthening bilateral cooperation.

US Response and Warnings

John Kirby, in his statement, urged North Korea to halt its arms negotiations with Russia and adhere to its public commitments not to provide or sell weapons to Russia. He cautioned that the United States would take measures, including imposing sanctions, if North Korea proceeds to supply Russia with weaponry.

Possible Meeting Venue

According to the New York Times, the meeting could potentially occur in Vladivostok, a city on Russia’s eastern coast. It is noteworthy that both Pyongyang and Moscow have denied allegations that North Korea is furnishing Russia with arms for its participation in the Ukrainian conflict.

Analysis and Security Concerns

John Everard, a former UK ambassador to North Korea, expressed skepticism about the likelihood of the visit becoming a reality once it became public knowledge. He cited Kim Jong Un’s intense focus on personal security and secrecy regarding his movements as reasons for potential cancellation. Everard also highlighted Russia’s need for munitions and anticipated that North Korea would demand an exceptionally high price for them.

Overall, this development suggests a complex interplay of diplomatic, strategic, and security considerations involving North Korea, Russia, and the United States in a critical geopolitical context.

SOURCE: Ref Image from Politico

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