Ukraine Strikes Russia with Missiles and Drones

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The Day After Russian Strikes on Ukraine

Following a lethal 18-hour barrage on Ukraine that claimed the lives of at least 39 civilians, Ukrainian attacks have struck back against Russia. Moscow reported the detection of 32 Ukrainian drones over Russia the day after the assault. The Kremlin accused Ukrainian forces of shelling Belgorod, resulting in 10 deaths and 45 injuries. The region’s governor reported via social media that two children were among the casualties. Despite past attacks on the Belgorod region typically taking place at night, social media images showed fires in the city center, with cars ablaze and smoke billowing from buildings. One strike hit close to a public ice rink in the heart of the city, prompting air raid sirens to sound across Belgorod.

Ukrainian Drones Detected Over Russia

Reports from the Russian defense ministry stated that earlier on Saturday, drones were spotted in the skies over Moscow, Bryansk, Oryol, and Kursk regions. The defense ministry confirmed that all the drones had been destroyed by air defenses and did not report any casualties. While Ukrainian officials have not acknowledged responsibility for attacks on Russian territory, larger aerial strikes on Russia have historically followed heavy assaults on Ukrainian cities.

Massive Assault in Ukraine

Russian forces launched 122 missiles and dozens of drones across Ukraine, described by one air force official as the most significant aerial barrage of the war. The assault resulted in at least 160 people being wounded, and an unknown number were buried under rubble. Western officials and analysts warned that Russia had been limiting its cruise missile strikes to build up stockpiles for massive strikes during the winter, aiming to break the Ukrainians’ spirit. The fighting along the front line in Ukraine has largely been slowed down by winter weather, following Ukraine’s failed summer counteroffensive.

Ukrainian Drone Attacks on Russian Territory

Despite the ongoing counteroffensive, Ukraine continues to launch drone attacks deep inside Russian territory, targeting Moscow in particular. However, most strikes lack a clear military objective and often cause no casualties or damage, as they are frequently intercepted by Russian air defenses. Questions have arisen about Ukraine’s persistence in conducting drone attacks when they often fail to achieve their intended impact.

SOURCE: Ref Image from Angenzia Nova

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