“Tragic Attack Claims Lives of 41 in Assault on Ugandan School near Congo Border”.

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In a late-night attack on Friday, the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) were responsible for targeting a school in the border town of Mpondwe, according to a statement by police authorities on Saturday.

Mayor Selevest Mapoze confirmed that 41 bodies have been recovered, including 38 students, one guard, and two members of the local community who were shot outside the Lhubiriha Secondary School.

The privately-owned co-ed school is located in the Ugandan district of Kasese, just 2 kilometers from the Congo border, where the ADF has been launching attacks from their bases in eastern Congo for several years.

Reports indicate that some individuals were also abducted during the attack, and a dormitory was set on fire. Ugandan troops have pursued the attackers into Congo’s Virunga National Park in an effort to rescue those who were kidnapped.

Authorities are still working to verify the exact number of victims and abductees, as some bodies were burned beyond recognition, according to Joe Walusimbi, an official representing Uganda’s president in Kasese.

Prominent political leader Winnie Kiiza condemned the attack on Twitter, emphasizing that attacks on schools are unacceptable and violate children’s rights. She reiterated that schools should always be a safe space for students.

The ADF, known for its opposition to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, has been accused of numerous attacks on civilians in remote areas of eastern Congo. The group, originally formed by disgruntled Ugandan Muslims in the early 1990s, has a history of launching deadly attacks within Uganda and subsequently relocating to eastern Congo.

The ADF’s activities have drawn international concern as they have established ties with the Islamic State group. In response, Uganda has conducted military operations, including joint strikes with Congo, to combat the ADF presence in the region.

In March, suspected ADF extremists claimed the lives of at least 19 individuals in Congo. The Ugandan government has pledged to pursue ADF militants, even beyond its own territory, and has previously launched airstrikes and artillery attacks against the group.

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