The United Kingdom is preparing for the coronation of King Charles III.

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UK Gears Up for King Charles III’s Coronation

Preparations are underway for the coronation of King Charles III, which is set to take place at Westminster Abbey on May 6. The ceremony will be the first televised coronation in the UK in 70 years and the second in history. Charles will be crowned as the 40th monarch at the central London church, a tradition that began with King William I in 1066. He is also the king of 14 other Commonwealth countries, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Charles’ second wife, Camilla, will be crowned as queen.

Despite being a celebratory occasion for the royals, there have been concerns about the cost of the event, with some members of the public expressing apathy towards the coronation. Plans for republican protests have also been announced. The ceremony is expected to last an hour, during which the Crown Jewels and the Coronation Chair will take centre stage at the abbey. There will be some modern nods, including the participation of Charles and Camilla’s grandchildren, watched by more than 2,000 invited dignitaries, a quarter of those in attendance in 1953.

Apathy and Republican Protests

While royal history and pageantry have long been embedded in British culture, formal celebrations such as weddings and jubilees were met with huge crowds. However, there is little of the same fervour for Charles’ coronation. The country has undergone dramatic social and political changes during the 70 years he spent as his mother’s heir apparent, and many Britons are struggling with rising prices due to high inflation.

Church attendance has slumped, and the influence of religion in the country is on the wane. Furthermore, younger people are more likely to want an elected head of state, with the republican campaign group Republic planning protests on Coronation Day, with supporters in T-shirts proclaiming “Not My King.” Republican sentiment is also growing in the Commonwealth realms, particularly in the Caribbean.

Cost and Government’s Promise

The cost of the coronation has also caused concerns, with one survey suggesting that 51 percent of the public believes that taxpayers should not bear the expenses. The most expensive coronation was that of Charles’ grandfather, George VI, which cost £454,000, or £24.8 million in today’s money.

The senior government minister has promised that there will be no “lavishness or excess” in the ceremony, but it is a “marvelous moment in our history,” and people would not want a “dour scrimping and scraping.” Commemorative coins and chinaware have been created, and there are plans for a special recipe, Coronation Quiche, and a series of celebratory events throughout the weekend.

SOURCE: Ref- euronews

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