The State of Union conference has established an ambitious objective of constructing Europe during a period of uncertainty.

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The 12th edition of the State of the Union conference, taking place from May 5th to 7th in Florence, Italy, will focus on the theme “Building Europe in times of uncertainty.” The conference will feature 135 speakers, 43 sessions, five streams, and 40 hours of recording, all centered on the European Union’s role in an ever-changing global landscape. Industry experts and leaders will address the question of whether Europe is fit for the next generation.

According to Italy’s Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, Europe sometimes only focuses on small problems and is unable to tackle bigger challenges. He emphasized the need to address migration, which he said is not just an Italian problem but a shared concern. Professor Timothy Garton Ash of the University of Oxford urged European leaders to consider the bigger picture, noting that Europe is relatively weak compared to other non-western powers such as China, Russia, and India.


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