The spouse of a French serial murderer is set to stand trial on charges of complicity in several counts of murder and abduction.

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French prosecutors have announced their intention to try Michel Fourniret’s ex-wife Monique Olivier for complicity in three kidnappings and two murders. Following Fourniret’s death two years ago, Olivier, 74, is now the only suspect in the cases of Estelle Mouzin’s kidnapping in 2003, as well as the kidnappings, rapes, and murders of Marie-Angele Domece in 1988 and British woman Joanna Parrish in 1990.

If approved, this will be the first trial resulting from the work of DiANE, a new French cold cases unit launched in December 2020. Fourniret passed away at age 79 in 2021 before the Mouzin, Domece, and Parrish cases could be heard.

Olivier is currently serving a life sentence without parole for complicity in four murders and a gang rape committed by Fourniret. She has also received a 20-year term for complicity in a fifth financially-motivated murder committed by her former husband.

Olivier first contacted Fourniret while he was serving time in prison for sexually assaulting a dozen young women, agreeing to find him virgins to rape if he would kill her then-husband. After being released from prison in 1987, they lived together and bought a chateau with stolen gold dug up from a graveyard. However, in 2004, she accused him of the murders of nine young women and teenagers, of which he admitted to eight. He was sentenced to life in jail in 2008, and the pair divorced in 2010.

Olivier undermined Fourniret’s alibi for the day of Mouzin’s disappearance in 2003 in evidence to investigators, prompting him to admit to her kidnapping. She confessed in 2021 to her own role in holding Mouzin prisoner and accompanying Fourniret when he buried the body near a wood in the Ardennes. Despite several search efforts, the bodies of Mouzin and Domece have never been found. A 2023 Netflix documentary series titled “Monique Olivier – accessory to evil” featured the case of Fourniret and his wife.



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