The French citizen has allegedly been shot as the authorities evacuate from Sudan.

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Reports indicate that a French national was shot while trying to evacuate from Sudan as fighting continues in the capital city, Khartoum, despite a promised ceasefire. The Sudanese military alleged that the rival Rapid Support Forces (RSF) opened fire on a French convoy during the evacuation, wounding a French national. The French Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the details of the rescue operation or the reported shooting. Meanwhile, international governments are racing to evacuate their diplomatic staff and citizens from the country.

France, Greece, and other European nations are organizing a mass exodus, and most evacuees are sheltering at a Greek Orthodox cathedral in Khartoum. The Netherlands sent two air force Hercules C-130 planes and an Airbus A330 to Jordan to rescue 152 Dutch citizens in Sudan who made their way to an undisclosed evacuation point on Sunday. Italy dispatched military jets to the Gulf of Aden nation of Djibouti to extract 140 Italian nationals from Sudan. Fighting raged in Omdurman, the city across the Nile from Khartoum, despite a declared truce that was to coincide with the three-day Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

After a week of bloody battles that hindered rescue efforts, U.S. special forces evacuated 70 U.S. embassy staffers from Khartoum to an undisclosed location in Ethiopia early Sunday. The fighting between the Sudanese armed forces and the powerful paramilitary group, known as the Rapid Support Forces, has targeted and paralyzed the country’s main international airport. The conflict has left thousands of Sudanese fleeing from the combat in Khartoum and other hot spots, with up to 20,000 people abandoning their homes in the western region of Darfur for neighboring Chad.

SOURCE: Ref: euronews

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