Sunbed Wars Erupting in Spanish Resorts: Strategies and Controversies

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The sunbed struggles are escalating at Spanish hotels, particularly along the captivating Spanish coastlines, where tourists compete fiercely for prime poolside locations. These incidents not only shed light on the lengths vacationers go to secure their sunbed spots but also reflect the increasingly organized efforts of hotels to manage these confrontations.

Chaos Erupts: A Snapshot of the Sunbed Wars

At the Paradise Park Hotel in Spain’s Canary Islands, the sunbed wars reached their peak. Crowds of guests rapidly rush from the pool entrance to claim their territory, resulting in chaotic scenes. A viral video brought attention to the incident, although the hotel’s management remained tight-lipped about the details.

A Daily Battle: The Need for Sunbed Controls

Instances like these aren’t isolated; they happen daily along the Spanish coastline. Recent news reported a case in the Canary Islands where two British tourists displaced a mother to take over her sunbed. To prevent such confrontations, Spanish hotels are employing innovative strategies to maintain order and mitigate clashes.

Creative Management: Sunbed Controllers and Evacuation Measures

At the Sunset Beach Club Hotel on Costa del Sol, organization has become crucial. With a daily queue forming outside the swimming pool well before opening time, the hotel employs a sunbed controller named José Carlos to manage the distribution of sunbeds. This controlled approach prevents pushing and shoving, fostering a smoother environment for guests.

Tourist demand is driving these efforts. The Costa del Sol has experienced a successful year in terms of tourism, with increased revenue despite a lower number of visitors. To meet this demand, the Sunset Beach Club Hotel has expanded its pool area and established protocols to ensure fairness.

Sunbed Controllers: Keeping the Peace

Sunbed controllers patrol the pool area to identify unattended sunbeds, leaving warnings and ultimately reclaiming the spots if left vacant for an extended period. Observations such as a book left on a hammock or a single towel covering multiple sunbeds trigger their intervention. Despite occasional frustration from guests, this approach effectively minimizes conflicts and promotes a more enjoyable poolside experience.

Capitalizing on the Chaos: Sunbed Saver’s Entrepreneurship

Alexia Parmigiani, who moved from London to Ibiza in 2020, recognized the potential in managing sunbed chaos. She launched a unique service named ‘Hold My Sunbed,’ wherein she reserves sunbeds for clients in high-demand areas. Operating within agreements with top clubs and beaches, she secures coveted sunbed spots, ensuring her clients enjoy prime relaxation spaces.

In exchange for around €500, Parmigiani reserves sunbeds and keeps watch until clients arrive. Armed with a fan, she patiently waits while refraining from using the beds to maintain their pristine appearance. In the height of the season, she can manage up to ten clients a day, generating substantial earnings from this innovative approach to sunbed management.

The Spanish sunbed wars showcase both the determination of tourists to secure optimal relaxation spots and the creative solutions hotels are implementing to ensure a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere for all guests.

SOURCE: Ref Image from The Mirror

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