Stoltenberg Stresses NATO’s Deterrence Credibility

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg delivered a pointed message on Wednesday, emphasizing the critical importance of maintaining the credibility of NATO’s deterrence efforts while issuing a public rebuke to Donald Trump.

Preventing Miscalculation and Misunderstanding

Stoltenberg underscored the need to prevent any potential misinterpretation or miscalculation by adversaries, particularly in Moscow, regarding NATO’s readiness, commitment, and determination to defend all allies. He emphasized that deterrence serves to avert conflict, highlighting NATO’s successful track record in this regard over its 65-year history.

National Interest and Collective Security

Asserting that keeping NATO strong aligns with the national interest of the United States, Stoltenberg emphasized the collaborative nature of NATO’s defense, noting that the U.S. has historically not fought wars alone.

Condemnation of Trump’s Remarks

Stoltenberg’s remarks come in response to recent comments by Donald Trump, where the former president suggested that he would not necessarily protect NATO nations failing to meet defense spending targets, sparking condemnation from allies and concerns about the collective defense principle outlined in Article 5.

Reaffirming Commitment to Defense Spending Goals

While acknowledging criticism about NATO allies’ defense spending, Stoltenberg highlighted progress, indicating that up to 18 allies are projected to meet the 2% GDP spending target by the end of 2024. He stressed the importance of continued investment in defense among NATO members to uphold the alliance’s collective security objectives.

SOURCE: Ref Image from The Guardian

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