Slovakia’s New Prime Minister Halts Military Aid to Ukraine

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New Government’s Policy Shift

Slovakia’s newly appointed Prime Minister Robert Fico announced on Thursday that his government would cease the provision of military aid to Ukraine, aligning with his pre-election commitments. While emphasizing the termination of military aid, Fico assured continued support for Ukraine through the supply of humanitarian assistance. During his address to Members of Parliament, Fico underscored the need for an immediate cessation of military operations, advocating for the European Union to adopt a role focused on peacebuilding rather than arms supply.

Opposition to Sanctions and Coalition Dynamics

Prime Minister Fico, ahead of his participation in the EU summit in Brussels, voiced his opposition to imposing sanctions on Russia, emphasizing the necessity of comprehensive analyses to gauge their potential impact on Slovakia. He stressed that any sanctions causing harm to Slovakia, as has been the case with previous sanctions, would not receive his support. Fico’s statements emerged shortly after the formation of his coalition government, comprising Smer-SD, the far-right and pro-Russia SNS, and Hlas-SD, a breakaway faction from Smer.

Shifting Priorities and Anti-Refugee Rhetoric

Smer-SD’s victory in the recent general election marked a turning point in the country’s approach towards Ukraine, leading to concerns about potential implications for Kyiv’s Western support. Fico, following the electoral win, emphasized that Slovakia’s populace faced internal challenges requiring urgent attention, redirecting the focus from external military aid. The coalition partner SNS shares Fico’s robust anti-refugee rhetoric and espouses populist tendencies, with its pro-Russian chairman, Andrej Danko, known for his controversial statements and overt gestures of affinity towards Russian officials.

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