Scottish nationalists ‘tearing apart’ amid another arrest 

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Scottish Nationalist Party Treasurer Arrested for Questioning

Police in Scotland have made a significant breakthrough in their investigation into the finances of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) by arresting the party’s treasurer, Colin Beattie, for questioning.

The 71-year-old former banker was taken into custody by detectives on Tuesday morning as part of an ongoing investigation into the party’s finances. This latest development is a significant blow to a party already in chaos following the resignation of its chief executive, Peter Murrell, husband of former SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon.

Scottish Police Confirm Arrest

In a statement, Scottish Police confirmed the arrest of Beattie, saying that he was “a suspect in connection with the ongoing investigation into the funding and finances of the Scottish National Party.” The arrest marks a significant escalation in the police investigation, which has been ongoing for several months. It is yet another blow to the SNP, which has been dogged by financial scandals and internal disputes in recent years.

Police Investigation into SNP Finances

The arrest of Beattie comes amid a long-running investigation into the finances of the Scottish Nationalist Party. The police probe has been focused on allegations of financial impropriety and the misuse of funds by senior party officials.

The arrest of the party’s treasurer is a significant development in the investigation and could have serious consequences for the SNP, which is facing a critical election in the coming months. The party has denied any wrongdoing, but the ongoing police investigation and recent resignations have cast a shadow over its prospects.

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