Rampage in Eastern Pakistan: Mob Targets Christians Over Blasphemy Accusations

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In a disturbing incident, hundreds of Muslim men launched a rampage in eastern Pakistan, setting fire to churches and vandalizing Christian homes. This violent outbreak followed allegations that the Koran had been desecrated by Christians, leading to widespread tensions in the predominantly Christian area on the outskirts of Faisalabad.

The mob’s actions resulted in significant damage, with multiple churches and Christian homes targeted. At least four churches were set ablaze, and up to a dozen buildings with church status were damaged. Authorities quickly responded, sending thousands of police officers to secure the area and detaining numerous individuals involved in the violence.

Yasir Bhatti, a local Christian, described the severity of the attack, stating that the mob not only damaged properties but also desecrated Bibles. Blasphemy allegations are a highly sensitive issue in Pakistan, a Muslim-majority nation, where individuals accused of insulting Islam can face severe consequences, including the death penalty.

The incident drew strong condemnation from various quarters, including local and international authorities. A Pakistani bishop expressed the distress and pain felt by the Christian community, calling for justice and immediate intervention to ensure the safety of all citizens.

Videos and images shared on social media depicted the chaotic scenes, with crowds armed with sticks and rocks causing destruction and demanding punishment for the alleged blasphemers. Amid this turmoil, Pakistani authorities were criticized for failing to protect religious minorities and allowing extremist sentiments to flourish.

Washington expressed alarm at the violence and urged Pakistan to initiate an investigation. While supporting free expression, the US stressed that violence or the threat of violence should never be accepted as a form of expression.

The incident serves as a grim reminder of the challenges faced by religious minorities in Pakistan, with Christians occupying a marginalized position in society. Spurious blasphemy allegations are often used to target this vulnerable group, and extremist rhetoric continues to fuel religious tensions across the nation.

The case brings attention to the urgent need for Pakistan to address these issues and protect the rights and safety of its religious minority communities.

SOURCE: Ref Image from People’s Gazzette

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