Nokia Initiates Lawsuits Against Amazon and HP for Patent Infringement

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Nokia, the Finnish telecommunications company, has filed patent infringement lawsuits against Amazon and HP (formerly Hewlett-Packard) in multiple global jurisdictions, including the US, Germany, India, and the UK. Additionally, a case has been brought before the European Unified Patent Court, the dedicated intellectual property court of the European Union.

Arvin Patel, Nokia’s Chief Licensing Officer, emphasized the company’s previous attempts at negotiation with Amazon and HP, stating that litigation became necessary due to the companies’ refusal to abide by standard industry regulations and practices. The lawsuits pertain to various aspects of video-related technologies, including video compression, content delivery, and content recommendation, as well as hardware components.

Highlighting the significance of the streaming market, which is projected to reach €282 billion by 2027, Nokia expressed concerns about the discrepancy between technology developers’ investments and the disproportionate benefits gained by certain companies in the sector.

Nokia underlined its extensive investment in research and development, totaling over €140 billion since 2000, and emphasized its history of prioritizing amicable agreements and constructive negotiations over legal action. In response to media inquiries, Amazon declined to comment on the ongoing litigation.

SOURCE: Ref Image from BizzBuzz

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