Mikel Arteta Urges Squad Size Expansion Amidst Injury Woes.

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Players Sidelined Due to Injuries

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta expressed concerns over the recent injuries sustained by Gabriel Jesus and Thomas Partey, potentially sidelining them for an extended period. The 26-year-old Jesus suffered a suspected hamstring injury during the midweek Champions League victory over Sevilla, while Partey, aged 30, is currently unavailable due to a muscle injury.

Assessment of the Injuries

Arteta shared during a press conference that Jesus’s scan revealed a muscle injury, raising the possibility of his absence for a few weeks. Although the exact timeframe remains uncertain due to Jesus’s history of surprising recoveries, the manager acknowledged the demanding schedule the player has endured, including recent international commitments. Additionally, Partey’s injury, sustained in a training session just before the Sevilla match, is currently under further evaluation.

Call for Squad Size Increase

Arteta proposed an expansion of squad sizes beyond the current limit of 25 players, emphasizing the potential benefits in alleviating the physical strain on athletes. He highlighted the growing number of matches teams are expected to participate in, especially with the Champions League set to include a minimum of eight games from next season. Furthermore, with plans for a 32-team Club World Cup in 2025, Arteta emphasized the need for sufficient player availability and proposed alternatives such as increasing the number of substitutions.

Concerns Amidst Strong League Performance

As Arsenal maintains an undefeated record and secures a third-place position in the Premier League standings, Arteta emphasized the necessity of ensuring player availability and maintaining high performance standards, especially as the team faces the upcoming match against Sheffield United. With the demanding schedule and potential expansion of competitions, Arteta stressed the importance of considering strategies to uphold the quality and performance of the team.

SOURCE: Image Ref from The Independent

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