Meta outlines upcoming enhancements for Threads app.

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Instagram’s Threads app is considering adding an alternative home feed that displays only chronological posts from users individuals follow, according to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri. The current feed on Threads includes a mix of recommended content and posts from followed accounts. Threads was initially launched as a basic version, with the company indicating that more features are in the pipeline. However, plans to make Threads compatible with other apps like Mastodon have faced resistance. The Instagram team, under Meta’s ownership, developed the Threads app.

Mosseri confirmed that the alternative home feed is being considered for Threads, as suggested by Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Meta. Many users have expressed frustration with the current feed not displaying posts from followed accounts in chronological order. Additional features on the list for future updates include post editing, language translation, and easier switching between different Threads accounts.

Currently, Threads can be viewed on the web via, but it lacks a desktop interface for creating posts, which is an area the company is working on, according to Mosseri. The app also lacks a search function, although the company has stated plans to introduce a more robust search feature along with improvements to the selection of recommended posts. Deleting a Threads profile is only possible by deleting the associated Instagram account, which is another issue the company intends to address.

When Threads was launched, Meta announced plans to enable communication with other social media platforms, such as Mastodon, using the fediverse concept. However, this proposal has faced opposition, with concerns that Threads may undermine the idea of the fediverse through the “embrace, extend, and extinguish” approach often employed by big tech companies. Some fear that Meta’s involvement in Threads could become the new standard and limit users’ choices. Despite these concerns, Mastodon CEO Eugen Rochko sees Meta’s participation in Threads as validation for decentralized social media and a victory for their cause.

Furthermore, over a hundred Mastodon communities have joined the “fedipact,” an agreement to block Meta from accessing their community under any circumstances. Even when Threads supports ActivityPub, the protocol used for interaction across platforms, users will not have access to the entire fediverse. Additionally, in the future, Threads may introduce advertising to the platform, although there is currently no advertising present.

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