Macron Reverses Decision on Bouquinistes for Paris Olympics

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French President Emmanuel Macron has reversed course on plans to relocate the iconic bouquinistes – Parisian booksellers stationed along the Seine River – in preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games opening ceremony.

Bouquinistes Victory

The bouquinistes, known for selling used and antiquarian books, represent a cherished aspect of Parisian culture, adorning the riverbanks with their iconic green book “boxes.” Macron’s decision to preserve their presence comes as a significant victory for the community, which had vigorously opposed the relocation plans.

Historic Olympic Ceremony Venue

The forthcoming Paris 2024 opening ceremony will depart from convention as it will be the first time a Summer Olympic Games opening ceremony occurs outside of a stadium, opting instead for the picturesque backdrop of the Seine River.

Preserving Living Heritage

In an official statement from the Elysée, Macron underscored the importance of safeguarding the bouquinistes as part of the “living heritage” of the capital city. He directed authorities to ensure the preservation of all book stands along the Seine, emphasizing that none should be compelled to relocate.

Relief Amidst Financial Challenges

The decision brings relief to approximately 200 bouquinistes who have faced financial hardships exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising cost of living. Pascal Corseaux, Vice-President of the Paris Association of Bouquinistes, expressed gratitude for the reversal, highlighting the collective effort to oppose the relocation and the hope for economic opportunities during the Olympic Games despite potential trading limitations during the ceremony.

SOURCE: Ref Image from Santa Maria Times

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