Local Transmission of Malaria Detected in Florida and Texas, First in 20 Years.

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Active Surveillance Underway to Monitor Malaria Cases in Florida and Texas

Health officials issue a health alert warning about the recent spread of locally acquired cases of malaria in Florida and Texas – the first instance of mosquito-transmitted malaria inside the United States in two decades.

Centers for Disease Control Continues Active Surveillance for Malaria.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirms that active surveillance efforts are ongoing to identify additional cases of malaria. While the risk of contracting malaria in the US remains extremely low, authorities remain vigilant.

Treatment Administered to All Five Patients

All five patients, four in Florida and one in Texas, have received appropriate treatment for malaria. It is crucial to promptly administer treatment to combat the infection caused by being bitten by an infected mosquito.

Mosquitoes in Certain US Areas Can Transmit Malaria

Although malaria is not common in the US, Anopheles mosquitoes, present in many parts of the country, can transmit the disease if they have fed on an infected individual. Higher transmission risks exist in areas with a climate that supports mosquito survival and where travelers from malaria-endemic regions are present.

CDC Collaborates with Local Health Departments to Address Malaria Cases

The CDC is actively cooperating with the Florida and Texas health departments in response to the recent malaria diagnoses. Efforts are underway to ensure the diagnosed individuals receive appropriate care, and their conditions are improving. US healthcare professionals are advised to consider malaria as a possibility in any person with an unexplained fever, particularly those residing in or visiting the affected areas of Florida and Texas, regardless of international travel history.

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