Journalist Shares First-Hand Account of Turmoil in Gaza.

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Amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, journalist Nebal Hajjo has shared a first-person account of the turmoil in Gaza. He woke up in an unfamiliar place and saw his son’s sleeping face, realizing where he was and how he got there. He tried to leave without making a sound, but his children asked him questions he didn’t know how to answer. Outside, his neighbors gathered and asked him if they were going to die that day. Hajjo’s camera guided his way, and he kept recording to tell the stories of the people affected by the war.

A Chaotic and Heartbreaking Scene

As he followed the human flow, Hajjo saw a chaotic and heartbreaking scene. Everyone wanted to tell their story and scream and cry. The picture alone was enough to show the devastation of the war. Hajjo felt like God had disappeared from that place and the sky had swallowed the earth. He realized that there was no time to stop or cry, and he had to keep moving to tell the world about the song of life.

The Pain of Losing a Child

As he returned to the neighborhood he left in the morning, Hajjo saw the same unanswered questions and the emptiness of losing a child. He wanted to touch the little boy who used to hold his belt, but he was no longer there. Hajjo realized that he had no voice to ask about the boy’s fate, and the words choked in his heart.

Justice is Deaf

Hajjo ended his account by saying that he used to believe that justice is blind, but he discovered that it is also deaf. His experience in Gaza showed him that people’s voices are often unheard in times of war and conflict. Despite the chaos and pain, Hajjo continued to record and tell the stories of the people affected by the war, hoping that the world would hear their voices and see their suffering.

A Journalist’s Duty to Tell the Story

Hajjo’s account highlights the importance of journalists in times of war and conflict. They have a duty to tell the story and show the world the realities of war. Despite the danger and the emotional toll, journalists like Hajjo continue to report from the front lines, hoping to make a difference and shed light on the human cost of war.

SOURCE: Ref Image from Yahoo News Singapore

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