“Japanese Prime Minister survives unscathed as explosive device is hurled at him in Saikazaki port.”

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On Thursday, April 16, 2023, Japanese Prime Minister, Taro Kono, was targeted by an attempted attack while he was visiting the Saikazaki port in Nagasaki. An unidentified man hurled an explosive device towards the Prime Minister’s direction, but fortunately, Kono was able to dodge it and escape the attack unharmed. The motive behind the attack is currently unknown, and authorities are conducting a thorough investigation to determine the identity and motive of the assailant.

The incident occurred during Kono’s visit to Nagasaki, where he was set to address a crowd of locals about his administration’s plans to boost the local economy. The attempted attack has caused shock and concern throughout Japan, as this is the first time a Prime Minister has been targeted in such a way in recent years. However, Kono has reassured the public that he will not be intimidated by such acts of violence and will continue to work towards the betterment of Japan.

The attacker was caught by local authorities shortly after the incident, and it was discovered that he had no known links to any terrorist groups or political affiliations. Further details about the attacker and his motives have not been disclosed to the public, but sources suggest that the incident may have been a result of personal grievances rather than a politically motivated attack.

As investigations continue, the Japanese government has urged the public to remain calm and vigilant, and has assured that all necessary measures are being taken to ensure the safety and security of the Prime Minister and the public.

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