Italy continues to evacuate additional villages while assessing the extensive damages caused by the deadly floods.

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Headline: Ravenna Issues Evacuation Order as Floods Devastate Northeastern Italy

Ravenna Authorities Order Immediate Evacuation as Deadly Floods Sweep Across Northeastern Italy

Authorities in Ravenna took swift action on Thursday, issuing an evacuation order for three villages in response to the devastating floods caused by heavy rainfall. This comes as the death toll rose to nine in northeastern Italy. The villages of Villanova di Ravenna, Filetto, and Roncalceci are under immediate threat as the overflowing river Lamone poses a significant risk.

Southeast Emilia Romagna Region Submerged as Rivers and Streams Overflow

The southeastern part of the Emilia Romagna region has been heavily impacted by the recent downpours, resulting in the flooding of nearly two dozen rivers and streams. Entire neighborhoods and farmlands have been submerged, forcing the evacuation of more than 10,000 residents. Additionally, numerous landslides have been reported, further exacerbating the situation.

Emergency Response Efforts Underway with Focus on Rescue and Recovery

In response to the dire circumstances, Italy’s armed forces and coastguard have joined the emergency efforts. Helicopters have been deployed to airlift stranded residents from their homes, while inflatable boats are being used to reach houses surrounded by water. Although the rain ceased on Wednesday afternoon, meteorologists forecasted no significant rainfall for Thursday. Nevertheless, the sheer volume of rain in such a short period, compounded by previous record rainfall, has overwhelmed the region’s capacity to cope with the deluge.

Residents Confront Cleanup Efforts Amidst Extensive Damage

As the floodwaters recede in some areas, affected residents face the arduous task of cleaning their homes and streets, which are now covered in thick mud and debris. Edoardo Amadori, a long-time resident of Cesena, expressed astonishment at the severity of the flooding, stating, “I’ve witnessed floods over the years, but nothing of this magnitude.” The impact on the agricultural sector has been substantial, with thousands of farms in the fertile area affected. Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida emphasized that the water must subside before the government can assess and quantify the extent of the damage. The devastating consequences of the floods have even led to the cancellation of the Formula One Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, as safety concerns for fans, teams, and staff could not be guaranteed.

SOURCE: Ref – Cesena (Italy) (AFP) 

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