Israelis protest for 16th consecutive week against Netanyahu’s judicial reform

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Israeli citizens have taken to the streets for the 16th consecutive week to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed judicial reform. The reform seeks to limit the power of the Supreme Court and give the Israeli parliament greater control over the appointment of judges.

Protesters argue that the move would undermine the independence of the judiciary and consolidate the prime minister’s power. The protests have been taking place in several cities across Israel, with thousands of people turning out to demand the protection of the country’s democratic institutions.

The protests against the judicial reform come amid a wider movement against Netanyahu’s leadership, with many Israelis calling for his resignation due to his ongoing corruption trial.

Netanyahu is accused of accepting gifts from wealthy businessmen and offering regulatory favors in exchange for positive media coverage. The prime minister denies the charges and has repeatedly claimed that he is the victim of a witch hunt. Despite the protests, Netanyahu has refused to step down and continues to push for the judicial reform, further inflaming tensions within Israeli society.

SOURCE: Ref- france24

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