Israel Calls for Protection of Citizens as Mob Storms Dagestan Airport

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Amidst the chaos that unfolded at a Dagestan airport, Israel urged Russia to safeguard “all its citizens and all Jews” following an incident where a large mob, shouting antisemitic slogans, breached the airport in Makhachkala. Video footage circulating on social media depicted the unruly crowd rushing through the terminal and even onto the runway, surrounding aircraft that had arrived from Tel Aviv. While the airport was subsequently closed and flights redirected, the aftermath saw the arrest of approximately sixty alleged participants, with twenty people left injured, some critically.

Authorities noted that the incident prompted the opening of a criminal case for civil disorder. The Dagestani city of Derbent’s rabbi, Ovadia Isakov, expressed concerns about the future of the Jewish community in the region, considering the disturbing events that transpired at the airport. As Israel called for robust action against the rioters and incitement targeting Jews and Israelis, the US vehemently condemned the antisemitic protests in Dagestan.

In response to the situation, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov attributed the riots to “outside interference” of “ill-wishers,” although he provided no evidence for his claim. Meanwhile, Dagestan’s Governor Sergei Melikov denounced the mob’s actions, characterizing them as a betrayal of Dagestani patriots and emphasizing the need for appropriate law enforcement assessment and action. Israel’s foreign ministry underscored the gravity of attempts to harm Israeli citizens and Jews, calling for Russian law enforcement to take resolute measures against the rioters and the relentless incitement directed towards the Jewish community.

Furthermore, a recent incident in the city of Khasavyurt witnessed a similar display of hostility toward perceived Israelis, highlighting the precarious situation in the North Caucasus. In Kabardino-Balkaria, a Jewish center was set ablaze, while Chechnya’s information minister, Akhmed Dudayev, implored people not to succumb to provocations, urging vigilance and resistance to ethnic animosity. As the incident reverberated internationally, Israel and the United States emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety and protection of communities and individuals, denouncing the troubling surge in antisemitism and violence.

SOURCE: Ref Image from DW

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