IRS to Offer Paperless Option for 2024 Tax Season, Aiming to Cut Processing Time.

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is embracing digital transformation and will provide taxpayers with the choice to go paperless for the 2024 tax season. The move is part of a broader effort to digitize tax processes and streamline operations. By going digital, the IRS hopes to reduce processing time significantly. With support from the Inflation Reduction Act, taxpayers will have the option to opt for paperless filing directly through the IRS. This initiative will cover correspondence, non-tax forms, and responses to notices, as well as 20 different tax forms and 20 common non-tax forms.

A More Aggressive Digital Push Planned for 2025

Building on the success of the 2024 tax season, the IRS is planning an even more extensive digital push for 2025. During this phase, an additional 150 non-tax forms will be made available in digital formats for both desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, the IRS aims to process all returns filed by paper and mail digitally. Half of the paper-submitted correspondence, non-tax forms, and notice responses will also be handled digitally. This shift is expected to optimize efficiency, reduce data input errors resulting from manual processing, lower storage costs, and enable the IRS to dedicate more resources to customer service.

Challenges Ahead in the Digital Transformation Journey

While the move toward digitization promises numerous benefits, the IRS acknowledges potential challenges and obstacles along the way. One notable challenge is the implementation of a biometric security check option using face recognition. The IRS had previously announced this feature to enhance secure access to filing data, but it was met with public and privacy expert backlash, leading to its withdrawal. Additionally, the availability of reliable internet coverage across the country is a concern. With many Americans experiencing poor internet access, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free filing process for all citizens may be a complex task.

The IRS remains committed to enhancing its services through digitization, with the ultimate goal of improving customer experience and operational efficiency. The move toward paperless options offers taxpayers greater convenience, reduced paperwork, and faster processing times, aligning with the broader trend of digital transformation in various sectors.

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