IKEA’s Playful Take on Portuguese Political Scandal

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IKEA, the Swedish flatpack furniture giant, has once again ventured into Portuguese politics with a new advertising campaign that is both amusing and controversial. The campaign features posters showcasing an IKEA bookshelf with the tagline “Good for storing books. Or 75,800€,” poking fun at a recent political scandal in Portugal that led to the resignation of the prime minister.

The Scandal and the Bookcase Connection

The advertising campaign cleverly references a scandal involving the former chief of staff hiding money in a bookcase, which was discovered during searches at the prime minister’s official residence as part of ‘Operation Influencer’ in November of the previous year. The discovery ultimately led to the arrest of Prime Minister António Costa, who later resigned due to a bizarre case of mistaken identity. Snap elections are now scheduled for the upcoming month.

Widespread Presence of IKEA’s Campaign

The IKEA publicity campaign has spread across Portugal, featuring the posters that have sparked diverse reactions on social media. While some find the adverts humorous, others criticize IKEA for delving into what they perceive as making political statements. This isn’t the first time IKEA has incorporated political themes into its advertising strategy in Portugal.

IKEA’s History of Political Advertising in Portugal

IKEA’s previous posters in Portugal have tackled topics such as inflation and ‘geringonça,’ a critical term describing the coalition government led by António Costa in 2015. In response to the controversy surrounding the current campaign, IKEA issued a statement acknowledging its two-decade presence in the daily lives of the Portuguese people. The statement emphasized the brand’s commitment to developing campaigns that reflect real-life scenarios, including the humor with which people often approach serious topics.

IKEA’s Intentions and Denial of Partisan Involvement

While IKEA acknowledges its engagement in the daily lives and discussions of the Portuguese people, the brand denies any intention to contribute to the partisan debate or influence the current pre-election context in the country. The company’s statement aims to clarify its commitment to reflecting the realities of Portuguese lives without taking sides in political debates.

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