Hundreds march through Yerevan in honor of 108-year anniversary of Armenian Genocide

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On Sunday, hundreds of Armenians marched through the streets of Yerevan to commemorate the Armenian Genocide anniversary. The procession began at the central square, where mourners carried lit torches and burned Turkish and Azerbaijani flags. Accompanied by an orchestra, they walked through the city to the Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex. The annual event culminated with participants carrying torches to the complex’s centre, where an eternal flame is lit to symbolize the 1.5 million Armenians who perished during the genocide.

24th April marks Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day and is observed globally. Historians estimate that 250 intellectuals were rounded up and killed in Ottoman Turkey on this day in 1915, a pivotal moment in the genocide. While Turkey has acknowledged that many people died during that period, the country denies the term genocide and believes that the death toll is inflated. Turkey also claims that the deaths resulted from civil unrest during the Ottoman Empire’s collapse.

The commemoration of the Armenian Genocide remains an important event for Armenians worldwide. The atrocities committed during this period continue to have a significant impact on the country’s collective memory and identity. Despite objections from Turkey and Azerbaijan, Armenians continue to seek international recognition of the genocide.

SOURCE: Ref-euronews

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